Laser Kitten LLC is not responsible for mistakes, delays, or lost packages caused by USPS and/or foreign postal services. Once your package is in the care of the post office, it's no longer in our hands. Once your order is marked "Delivered" we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages, so please choose PRIORITY MAIL or ROUTE INSURANCE at checkout to INSURE YOUR PACKAGE and PROTECT YOUR  ORDER 

Order protection option 1: 
Select Route Shipping Protection Insurance at checkout. We recommend you pay a little more for this insurance (it usually costs under a dollar) This protects your order from damage, loss and theft and if that happens, you can get a refund in just a few clicks. You will find it in your cart at the bottom, beneath the subtotal, toggle switch to "ON".

Order protection option 2:
For all domestic orders + shipping internationally we recommend you pay a little more for shipping and choose the PRIORITY MAIL option, to insure/track the delivery of your purchase. This means, if your package is lost or stolen, the postal service will help hunt it down, and give you your money back if something happens to it. If you don't choose that option, you are at risk for losing your money if the post office misplaces your package. 

If you shipped with PRIORITY MAIL and your package has been marked "delivered" but you can't find it, please take these steps: 
1) Do steps 1-4 below + contact your local post office or go to to file a claim and get your refund.

If you did not choose PRIORITY MAIL and your package has been marked "delivered" but you can't find it, please take these steps: 
1) Look in and around the mailbox. 

2) Confirm the address you gave us is correct, you can check this by looking at your confirmation email. 

3) Ask roommates or neighbors if they took it in for you.

4) Contact your local post office to see if they still have it, ask your local postal delivery person to confirm exactly where they left your package. 

5) Still can't find it? Email us, | Replacements are given on a case to case basis. 

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Order times vary depending on location. Typical order times are listed below, but please note that, while we try our best to get your order out as soon as possible, once it leaves our hands it is up to the postal service to fulfil your order in a timely manner.
- Domestic US shipping usually arrives within 5-10 working days, we aim to ship 1-2 times a week. 
- International Orders (including Canada) typically take 7-15 working days depending on which shipping option you choose. It can take up to 30 days. 

Please Note: Shipping time takes place after order fulfillment. (For example if you upgrade to 1 day shipping, it will ship out 1 day after the order is fulfilled and not necessarily 1 day after the purchase)

You should receive a shipping confirmation email once your order has been fulfilled. If you are in the United States you will receive a tracking number as well.

Do you ship internationally?

Please Note:
Any customs or import duties are charged once the parcel reaches its destination country. These charges (if any) must be paid by the recipient of the parcel.

Unfortunately, we have no control over charges imposed in individual countries, and cannot predict what these may be. Customs policies vary from country to country; if you have any concerns at all, then you should contact your local customs office.

Can I add Items to an order I just placed?
Unfortunately we cannot add items to an existing order. Please place a new order for the item and contact us so we can make sure it is shipped out with your previous order.

When placing your order, please note that Laser Kitten LLC may require further verification of your order to ensure that orders are authorized by the cardholder. Verification will be completed via the email from which the order was placed. If a response is not given to our inquiries the order will be cancelled within a 48 hour period of first contact. Verification may be required for a multitude of reasons and at the discretion of Laser Kitten LLC. This verification may delay the shipment of your order if a timely response is not given.