1997 Vintage Tamagotchi Charm Earrings

Major throwback! Get your 90's vibes on with these super cute one of a kind statement earrings! Featuring a 1997 Vintage Tamagotchi McDonalds toys blinged out with a mix of charms and rhinestone crystals. 

Handmade in our Los Angeles studio.

Materials: Stainless Steel Earring Posts w/ Faux Pearl Rhinestone Studs + Vintage Tamagotchis + 
Charms include our signature mix of 24k Gold Plated Brass, Cubic Zirconia, Rhinestones, Chains, Enamel, Pearl, Various Mixed Metals!

Size: Approximately 2" wide x 6" long

Weight: 1.12 oz / 32g per earring | Please note the weight! These are full blown 90's fantasy art earrings, possibly too heavy for some people or for everyday wear, but perfect for a shoot, editorial, a bunch of fun selfies, to just wear at home with sweats, or a big night out once things get better. Do NOT buy if you can't handle some major dangle and tons of compliments!